Hot Water Installations

Hot Water Installation Services

You may not give your water heater much thought while it’s working, but you’ll certainly notice when it goes out. That first ice-cold shower is sure to have you running for the phone to call a plumber ASAP. There are many options today when it comes to water heaters and choosing the right options for your situation can feel daunting. Madden Plumbing will help you determine which choices are the best ones for your home or business, and we will install your new equipment to ensure it runs smoothly.

How to know if you need a new water heater?

Generally, the first sign that your water heater is on the fritz is that your water won’t get hot. In some cases, the water heater might eventually get warm, but it may not last as long as usual, or it may not reach the full set temperature. If you notice any of these issues, then it’s a good bet that your water heater is in need of a repair or replacement.

Replacement or repair

In some cases, it may be more economical to repair your water heater vs buying a new one. This is especially true if your heater is relatively new or if it’s a simple fix. If you have an older water heater, it’s often more practical to replace it with a new and more efficient model. Not only are older models more likely to break again later, but they cost more money to operate than new energy-efficient or tankless water heaters.Whatever you choose to do, we can help you get your hot water working again. We’ll inspect, repair or fully replace your water heater. We service the entire Port Macquarie area, so we’ll be there as soon as you call. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment.