Blocked Drainage Repairs

Blocked Drainage Repairs and Plumbing Services

Blocked drains can create a major problem for homes and businesses alike, but they are one of the most common plumbing problems. Some blockages are more severe than others, and most can be prevented with proper precautions.
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What causes drainage blockages?

There are many common household items and waste products that commonly cause blockages in drain pipes:
Food waste:
You should never put food down the sink, especially things like oils that solidify at room temperature and coffee grounds, which do not break down over time.
Hair: You probably have a lot more hair going down the drain than you may think. It’s a major cause of blocked drains in most homes.
Toilet paper: Using too much toilet paper can cause a clog. Only use enough to do the job and teach children how to use an appropriate amount before allowing them to use the restroom alone.
Small objects:
Whether it’s toys or toothbrushes, small, hard objects sometimes find their way into drainage pipes and cause major issues.
Tree roots:
Cracks and other damage to underground pipes can give roots room to grow and block off your pipes.

Repairing blockages

Our team has a vast level of experience in performing plumbing repairs, so you can handle most any blocked drain. We have drain cameras and other specialized tools to get to the source of the clog fast, so your pipes will be flowing freely again in no time. We have the tools, equipment and skills to handle just about any drainage issues you come across.If you’re having a problem with the pipes, give us a call. We know how important it is to have properly flowing pipes, and we always attempt to get jobs done quickly and effectively so you can go back to not thinking about your plumbing.